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The Enterprise Console has a tab-like interface. Using the tabs you can navigate through various pages with information about your monitored objects, such as your network status and monitoring results, for example, as well as access maps, reports, tickets and settings.

Enterprise Console Menu Tabs Bar

Enterprise Console Menu Tabs Bar

There is documentation available for the following tabs:

Using Libraries is a great way to keep an eye on your network status because you can individually select which sensors you would like to see there.

icon-book-arrowsFor a general introduction to PRTG Libraries, see section Libraries.

Libraries Menu Tab

The page is split into two parts. On the left hand side you see all available libraries from one or several servers, on the right hand side the actual libraries.

  • Click a library's name to display it. In the tabs above the library, select from Overview, Management, Settings, Notifications, Comments, and History. Each of these tabs loads the respective functionality of the Ajax Web Interface. Click the Save button to apply changes to your settings.
  • Underneath the tabs bar, there are different options available to change the current library view: You can set sensor filters (set or remove check marks to include or exclude sensors in a certain status) and change the device tree view.
    icon-book-arrowsFor details about the tree view, see section General Layout—Tree View Layout.
  • Click a library node to edit the node settings in a new window.
  • Double-click a library's name on the left to open the library in the configured external web browser. You can edit it or add new libraries to this PRTG server.
  • Right-click a library's name to open its context menu. The following options are available: Add, Edit, Delete, Clone, Send link by email, and Open in Web Browser in the libraries overview on the left, Details..., Edit, Remove from Library..., Add Library Node..., Add Group..., and Send Link by Email on the Overview tab of a specific library on the right.
  • Use the button Add Library to create a new library and the button for object history to view all changes to libraries.

icon-book-arrowsFor more details about PRTG Libraries, see section Libraries.

Libraries Menu Tab—Add Library

Click the Add Library button to add a new library to a PRTG server.

Depending on the current setting shown in the server selection bar in the upper right corner, an (embedded) window will open (if one specific server is selected), or you will see a selection window that asks you to choose the core server you want to add the new item to. Choose an installation to start.

icon-book-arrowsFor details about adding a library, see section Libraries Step By Step.


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