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Our continuous development and rollout constantly improves and expands the functionalities provided by PRTG. Instead of delivering only a few versions each year with massive changes in every update, PRTG is automatically and seamlessly enhanced with new features and fixes—fast and with high quality.

We provide three release channels for PRTG on premises:

  • Stable: Best tested version of PRTG for live systems; updated about once or twice a month; for use on live systems.
  • Preview: Offering the latest features and fixes; updated several times a month; consider this version as "beta", so do not use this version on live systems you depend on!
  • Canary: Providing "nightly builds"; updated very often; not tested extensively; never use on live systems you depend on!

Via these three channels, you can choose either maximum stability, early access to new features, or a mix of both.

For an overview of all recent changes in the current version, visit the release notes for the stable release channel on our website.


Paessler Website: Release Notes for the "Stable" Release Channel

Paessler Website: PRTG Network Monitor Version History

Paessler Blog: Version 12 of PRTG will introduce "Continuous Rollout"


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